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The Gift of Knowledge Tour

Piccolo constantly donates Children's books to assure Education is Free and Available to those with a desire for higher learning and recently donated over 200,000 Children's Books to Builds Libraries, Help Schools and Orphanages in Jamaica, Ghana and Ethopia and needs your help.


Following in the footsteps of Nelson Madela it is our desire to open two Children's Library this year to help create a better tomorrow for the children today.


We would be grateful if you helped in sponsoring our event to Build a Library in an Impoverished Neighborhood.

View our Sponsorship Packages to see which one fits your budget then call me for more details if you or your organization would like to participate in this year’s events.

Our 40 Foot Children's Library will be created from the same Steel Shipping Container used to transport the books from Long Beach, California to it's final destination.

Our Goal  is to Help the Youth Find their Mission and Purpose in Life. Spread Love, Knowledge and Wisdom. Encourage and Motive the Youth to Open their Minds Expand their Horizon 

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